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You'll have to explain how your community works again and again and again…

Never assume that people understand how your community is organized. Most of the time, from outside, they will see your community as a traditional organization.

(this post is adapted from the book Building an Open Community, chapter From Many to Massive.)

People tend to apply organizational patterns they have seen working before.

That’s why they will first try to find the hierarchy and the leaders in your community using a traditional approach.

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Code Culture, between freedom, power, and illiteracy

This is part of a short series of articles on Coding Goûter. Read them on ils.sont.la

You are awakened by your phone, you start the washing machine. Oh look, a new fully automated train in the metro. At lunch you pay with your credit card. In the evening you enjoy the lights on the Eiffel Tower. It’s an endless list. There is not an hour of our life (one minute?) without a programmer participating in it by writing… code.

When code is everywhere, is there a new illiteracy? Read more…